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1. [+50, -22]

Sullyoon is f*cking pretty 

2. [+50, -3]

This is such a pathetic thing to do, don’t feed it 

3. [+49, -2]

This isn’t the NSWER’s point of view. All the fans liked the fact that they did a challenge together, only trolls are comparing them 

4. [+46, -1]

Anyways both are considered the top in the idol industry in terms of small faces no…? ㅋㅋ

5. [+41, -1]

Anyways, Karina is already inhumane in the way she looks and her face is freaking small, so what’s the point of comparing them? The moment Karina debuted, people were already talking about how her face was freaking small and I was shocked 

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