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EXO: Even after their prime, 10 years later, they were able to reach #1 on Melon with a b-side track

BTS: They’ve debuted 10 years ago and they’re still considered the top most legendary group in the music industry 

Seventeen: They’re living their career high 9 years into their debut + won a Daesang finally

Twice: No need to go over their prime, but right now, their scale for their international tour keeps on increasing 

BlackPink: Whether it’s in a group or solo, they’re always at the top, their influence is also at the top 

Red Velvet: They’re a 10 years old girl group, but whenever they release new albums, they always create a buzz, right now, they’re at the top of our domestic charts + maintaining their ranking 

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1. [+141, -24]

Were you really there during the 3rd generation? Seventeen shouldn’t be there, they were barely even mentioned domestically 

2. [+111, -8]

I can agree with ExBang-Travel (Twice-RV-BP) but not really Seventeen 

3. [+71, -7]


4. [+65, -6]

They used to represent the epitome of idols, but to year for a Daesang… Honestly idols nowadays are not much different than influencers to me 

5. [+48, -1]

And the fact that they were able to renew contracts as a full group… It feels like they increased the lifespan for all idols

6. [+16, -1]

Ex-Bang-One were the real deal, since when was it about Ex-Bang-Sev?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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