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1st generation

I don’t know

2nd generation

Male idol – Cassiopeia 

Female idol – SONE 

3rd generation 

Male idol – Army 

Female idol – Blink 

4th generation 

Male idol – The B

Female idol – MY

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1. [+246, -41]

When EXO-L are here? Army? You’ve never seen EXO-Ls in their prime time?

2. [+242, -36]

Just assume that the worst fandoms per generation are all from SM

3. [+126, -29]

I don’t know for male idols but the historical worst female idol fandom is straight up Once. If you’re girl group fan, you will all acknowledge this 

4. [+108, -30]

The worst fandom in the idol industry is the flop-JYP stocks bugs fandoms ㅋㅋ

5. [+85, -20]

Aren’t the Twice-roaches who were caught fabricating rumors that even went to the exclusive news page the one top here?

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