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I feel like this is the adverse effect from the company pushing him too hard

At first, he was media played as this male idol who could win over all male idols’ visuals and that could’ve turned off the male idols’ fans

Just like Taeyong, he was pushed alone so excessively compared to his group and fans of other members could also start hating him as a result

Just looking at his recent HOT & COLD stage, 

it was a song that was never performed by the original members

and the song only came out recently too,

so there were fans of the sunbae groups who had a bad taste in their mouth.

This was there first collab stage for the year end and some aespa fans were also upset at how they were lumped with male idols

They are pushing him at the expense of upsetting fans of other members and fans of sunbae groups

So I don’t think that a lot of people can end up welcoming him

Moreover, it’s not like he was a thousand-year-idol who worth pushing that much either

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1. [+168, -94]

There are seriously a lot of people who don’t understand why he’s the center

2. [+157, -35]

His HOT&COLD stage was just hilariousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ JN and SG worked just fine but SM keeps forcing aespa and RIIZE together and I find it so-so..

3. [+126, -99]

You ignorant people are making a fuss again… if you look at Wonbin, he’s not pushed as much as other SM centers. He doesn’t even have any solo schedules compared to other members either. The parts are also evenly distributed so stop acting oba just because he got 1 year end stage

4. [+124, -46]

I agree. And Jeno was even at the Gayo Daechukje so who would be happy to see him being omitted from the song? It’s also weird how they only kept Karina from the original lineup. Moreover, the stage wasn’t even done to focus on the original singer but was used as a mean to push Wonbin so it just ended up pissing people off

5. [+114, -120]

It’s the opposite actually. SM didn’t push Wonbin at all and he’s a case of someone who made his name known by himself. 1. Did he get a solo CF before debuting? NO 2. Was he an MC of a music show? NO 3. Was he featured in a song with sunbae groups? NO 4. Was he media played as the 2nd XX of the company? NO 5. Was he given more than half of the song? NO 6. Have his fans praised him by hating on other male idols? At least, I’ve never seen it. He was just mentioned here and there in the comments. In conclusion, Wonbin is just positively more buzzworthy compared to other recent male idols so that’s why people have him on checkㅋ

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