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Their laughs at the end was cute too

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1. [+71, -26]

That anime-watcher with Arinaㅜㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+67, -26]

I f*cking hate this, freaking annoying

3. [+49, -13]

But I really MuBank really loved Akkong. They already changed the MCs twice but they are still giving them special stages and last time, they also got called as separate MCs but it was during Covid times so there was no audience unfortunately

4. [+47, -24]

They said that they were doing a stage together; they must be dating, seriouslyㅋ

5. [+33, -10]

I’m a fan of Arin but can the Pann-girls stop using Arin to hate on Soobin? If you write a post like this, it will get flooded with downvotes and hate comments in a second. Even when they were MCing together, they would grab them by the hate and write all sorts of hate comments while dragging Arin. It was f*cking ridiculous. We are just happy to be able to see Arin during the year end but you guys are trying to make it seem like all fans of Arin hate Soobin. Can you guys stop caring about Akkong? Nobody is forcing to watch their stage so please stop caringㅇㅇ There will be people tuning in even if you guys don’t watch it

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