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I feel like she never lacked anything

She was even born in Samsung-dong in Gangnam…

I think that if we’re talking about a godly perfect celebrity, it’s gotta be Jun Jihyun

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1. [+32, -1]

What’s more is that his husband lived in the same neighbourhood as her and he’s handsome, comes from a wealthy family, and she got to marry a good man. She’s a top actress herself and is worth 100 billion won. She doesn’t only have the looks, she even has the power, the husband… she has everything and everything she has is perfect

2. [+21, -1]

She should have some shame. From the amount of hair to her body, she just maxed out everything she hasㅠ

3. [+12, -11]

She doesn’t have the education

4. [+9, 0]

There are a lot of instances where female celebrities will end up marrying men with beer bellies when they age but Jun Jihyun’s husband was even handsome even before he got married to her….

5. [+2, -3]

But it’s true that she lacks education?

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