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F*cking flat.. also his body is f*cking er*t*c… I can’t look at these outside

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1. [+21, -2]

Slender is the best

2. [+13, -2]

He kinda has the same body as NCT Jungwoo. Their chest is freaking thin and skinny but their abs are clear…… they are the standard of slender

3. [+12, -5]

His body is charming even though he’s not that tall

4. [+11, -1]

Wonbin is slender but his neck is thick and his shoulders are seriously freaking wide

5. [+10, -2]

Wonbinm please maintain your slender body in the future and don’t bulk up!!!!!!!!!!!!ㅜㅠ

6. [+8, 0]

His body must be only made of bones and muscles. What’s up with his abs?

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