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I saw her and started wondering

“no but why is everyone talking about her lenses all the time?”

I just don’t get it?

Wow f*ck,
I just understood now

She’s f*cking beautiful…

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1. [+83, -6]

I think that her luxurious face was ruined a lot by the white peals on her aegyo-sals and the lensesㅠ Seriously, her natural face is way prettier

2. [+58, -14]

I want them to try the actress makeup on her. Her face itself already stands out so much in an exaggerated way. But I feel like they are trying to give her makeup that make her stand out even more

3. [+54, -3]

Yuna’s work should know their work and juts grow out red. She really looks so good with red hair. Seriously pretty

4. [+52, -5]

Isn’t she just ewaring smaller lenses?

5. [+27, -3]

But I find her f*cking pretty even when she wears lenses. Anyone can tell that she’s just freaking pretty

6. [+23, 0]

Center Yuna!!! She can become an actress too. Freaking pretty

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