Park Bo Gum and BTS V depart for France to attend Celine’s fashion show

‘Best friends’ Park Bo Gum and BTS V go to France… Attend Celine’s fashion show together

V and Park Bo Gum plan to depart for Paris, France on June 24 in order to attend the ‘S/S 2023 Menswear Collection’ show by ‘CELINE’

1. Oh, I didn’t know the two of them were friends

2. I like the combination of Park Bo Gum × V.. Can’t wait to see their pictures together

3. Daebak, I want to see them togetherㅋㅋ

4. Are V and Park Bo Gum close? It’s a combination of a good-looking guy next to a good-looking guy. Celine is amazing

5. Hul, I’m glad the two of them are close

6. Handsome guy next to handsome guy…

7. The two of them look good together, they’re so handsome

8. I love this combination!!! Can’t wait

9. V x Park Bo Gum is the best

10. This combination is so good, I love their friendship

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