Park Bom hits the 56th ‘Grand Bell Awards’ red carpet

Source: MK Sports via Nate
1. [+2,720, -35] Ah hul….
2. [+1,980, -32] Bom-ah…
3. [+1,589, -68] Find strength
4. [+290, -10] Wow, seriously ㅠ who’s her doctor? How can they be so shameless? You should be stopping her from getting more done, why let her again ㅠ
5. [+259, -7] All you plastic surgeons need to stop. Please know your limits.
6. [+237, -4] Someone needs to stop her or at least get her some help and look after her. She has gone through so many physical changes, I’m worried for her mental health.
7. [+194, -9] I’m truly speechless……
8. [+173, -23] I can’t even write anything mean…. I just don’t have anything to feel jealous of….
9. [+159, -8] I don’t think she gained weight. Just looks like she’s swollen around the jaw and throat area which means it’s either swelling from plastic surgery or a health problem. If you look at her hands, they’re swollen too.
10. [+151, -5] I’m feeling bad for her now….
11. [+87, -11] I just don’t want anyone saying anything to her
12. [+87, -3] I think everyone’s speechless right now
Source: Nate
1. [+886, -19] Find strength… my heart hurts for you
2. [+841, -43] Reminds me of the sunpoongi ajumma… what happened, unni? ㅜㅜ
3. [+726, -12] What happened to her pretty face ㅡㅡ how unfortunate
4. [+111, -2] At this point, her plastic surgeon needs to be arrested
5. [+48, -5] I’m suddenly so satisfied with my face ㅜㅜ
6. [+40, -5] If you look at her debut face, she looked so clean and cute… it was a pretty face that money couldn’t even buy. Why spend so much to ruin it? Donate the money to charity if you have so much to blow… how frustrating.
7. [+32, -1] I’m starting to feel bad for her. She should get her heart treated before anything else.
8. [+27, -3] She was so pretty before her plastic surgeries… I don’t know much about her character but I do know that she was too beautiful and talented to let it all go to waste~! Stop the surgeries and find strength~!!
9. [+25, -1] I’m not a fan at all, actually closer to an anti, but let’s please not leave her any hate comments. Seeing her now makes me think her self esteem is at an all time low. I hope she gets the help she needs..
10. [+25, -1] Can anyone around her not stop her?
11. [+20, -1] I just saw her singing in front of a bunch of actors and all of their facial expressions are… well, I was quite surprised myself ㅠ I think she’s in serious need of mental help at this point.
12. [+20, -4] Her original face was so~~ pretty ㅠㅠ

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