Park Min-young’s ex-boyfriend exposed as a “convicted felon” and “scammer” with “fake” supercars and jewelry + caught visiting “madams” and “hostesses” at room salons

ArticleThe real face of Park Min-young’s wealthy ex-boyfriend… “10 billion won in debt, but spends 100 million won on drinks in one night

Source: Joongang Ilbo

Park Min-young‘s wealthy ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun‘s real face has been exposed. 

On the 8th, MBC‘s ‘PD Note‘ aired suspicions about the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea (Bithumb)’s governance structure as well as Kang Jong-hyun and his sister Kang Ji-yeon, the largest shareholder of Bident and allegations that Bithumb received “bribes” when listing coins. 

PD Note‘ revealed, “Kang Jong-hyun is referred to as “hidden Bithumb Chairman” and spends 100 to 300 million won per night drinking at famous clubs in Gangnam from 2017-2020. He also visited clubs and ‘Ten Pro’ room salons where he was attended by 10 female hostesses and a madam. It was common for him to order expensive champagne and spend 100 million won on drinks alone.”

Later, when Kang Jong-hyun’s dating rumors with actress Park Min-young were reported by Dispatch and caught attention, Kang Jong-hyun explained that “he only made money through the mobile phone business and lived in his friend’s house, and the supercars in the parking lot belonged to others.”

He further revealed that the “500 million won luxury watch” he was wearing while dating Park Min-young was “just a fake.” He even claimed “he did not own the supercars worth hundreds of millions of won” and “one of them belonged to Sung Yu-ri‘s husband, former golf player Ahn Sung-hyun.” 

Kang Jong-hyun was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison suspended for 3 years probation for exaggerating his mobile phone sales and using this as collateral to take out a 3.5 billion won loan. The 2 billion won loan has not been repaid and using the company name, he borrowed a total of 10 billion won on three occasions but didn’t repay the loan because he does not have property in his name. As a result, suspicions that he’s “hiding the loans” are emerging. 

Two years after he was convicted of loan fraud, his younger sister Kang Ji-yeon invested 23 billion won to acquire Bit Galaxia‘s No. 1 Investment Association. Kang Jong-hyun took over control and management and became major shareholder of Bucket Studio, Inbiogen, and Bident.

Nam Cheong-woo, secretary general of a minority shareholder movement pointed out, “It’s impossible in the capital market to acquire 3 companies at once with 23 billion won. We have no choice but to suspect that there’s a “money line” (backer) behind him.”

Regarding claims that Kang Jong-hyun is the ‘hidden Bithumb chairman,’ the PR Director of Bithumb Korea stated, “This person (Kang Jong-hyun) has never held a position or been given title of chairman. He has no relation to us. The current major shareholder of Bithumb is Lee Jeong-hoon, founder and former chairman of Bithumb Holdings who has a 65% stake.”

With regard to claims that Bithumb received “bribes” to list company Q on their exchange, the PR Director stated, “Bithumb can decide on its own whether to list or abolish a cryptocurrency. We never received money to list them in our exchange.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of company Q disclosed related documents and revealed that “they paid 1 billion won for the listing and 2 billion won for marketing for a total of 3 billion won to be listed on Bithumb.”

  1. [+1,850, -21] So Park Min-young was getting sponsored by a wealthy chaebol like Son Dambi??
  2. [+795, -14] Daebak… this definitely puts Park Min Young in a new light now.. not a good one
  3. [+482, -4] “He also claimed the supercars worth hundreds of millions of won weren’t his and one belonged to Sung Yu-ri’s husband, former golfer Ahn Sung-hyun..” So they’re close?? ㅎㅎㅎ
  4. [+419, -29] Didn’t Park Min-young go around saying she became a celebrity after working hard in the industry?? 
  5. [+169, -1] Looks like celebrities will date anyone including scammers as long as they’ve got enough money ㅋ. Sung Yu-ri’s husband needs to be investigated too.. there’s something fishy there ㅋ
  6. [+151, -3] The difference between a celebrity in the industry and pr*stitute is paper thin.. if they’re successful they’re a celebrity, if not they’re a pr*stitute.. 
  7. [+114, -1] Eh? How do you even spend 100-300 million on drinks in one night.? How was this criminal able to date a celebrity of her caliber all the while visiting madams and hostesses at ‘Ten Pro’s.. how is this normal in our country? Instead of inciting the public with fake news, politicians should pass laws to punish these criminals.. ah it’s seriously hard to live in Korea.
  8. [+103, -1] Well, at least we know what kind of person Park Min-young really is now..
  9. [+100, -3] I never knew Park Min-young was such a low-class celebrity who’s sponsored by chaebols.. 
  10. [+62, -1] Park Min-young’s good image is seriously rock bottom now.. f*ck she’s disgusting 
  11. [+32, -1] No.. why would someone that used to date Lee Min-ho end up with a pot-bellied ahjussi like him if not for his money? And for it to come out that he’s a convicted felon and scammer of this level.. aigooㄷ ㄷ ㄷ she must be quite embarassedㅂㅁㅇ
  12. [+27, -3] Burning Sun ba$tards must’ve played well with celebrities..  

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