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 Article: Police eventually begin investigations in Park Narae’s controversy

Source: Financial News via Naver

1. [+3,624, -67] Come to think of it, Seungri’s not even in jail yet?

2. [+3,073, -899] People like Park Narae are s*xual criminals in the making, she should not be allowed on TV

3. [+2,228, -544] An entire investigation seems overboard~ focus on other more important investigations please

4. [+1,321, -95] Why are the police acting like they care about the cleanliness of online content? It’s been years since we’ve been dealing with problematic BJs and YouTubers putting out scandalous content to the eyes of children and teens.

5. [+842, -27] I’m not defending Park Narae but I feel like this is a waste of investigation resources when there are tons of other cases that need this attention

6. [+782, -76] Aigoo, why no investigations into Yoon Jong Shin who made all sorts of misogynistic claims on radio like how a woman is like fish and is best served fresh? There are tons of top celebrities who have said worse and more, I can’t even list them all here.

7. [+657, -36] There has to be a better use of resources than this. Even chodings would laugh at such an investigation.

8. [+692, -83] The police are hopeless. There are so many YouTubers with s*xual content that should be under investigation but they’re targeting Park Narae? ㅋㅋㅋ What a comedy.

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+2,172] This just seems like a malicious attempt to kill off Park Narae. If this was the standard applied across the board, then there are tons more celebrities and YouTubers who should be under investigation right now. Even if Park Narae doesn’t end up being charged with anything, this will follow her name for the rest of her career. I guess any time I see something problematic on YouTube, I should file a complaint too.

2. [+1,529] Is a police investigation even necessary..?

3. [+1,338] But there have been other celebrities who have performed similar types of gags other than just Park Narae. She’s taking the bullet for everyone. I understand that this style of comedy needs to change but it feels wrong putting it on her.

4. [+608] Narae-ssi, find strength

5. [+554] Why is she the only one being investigated?

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