Park Yoochun completes 56 million won compensation payment to lawsuit defendant ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Park Yoochun completes compensation payment of 56 million won to sexual assault lawsuit 

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+84] I wish to never see him in media

2. [+59] Even with these payments made, will people be accepting of him morally ever again?

3. [+32] I don’t even care~ who is actually curious about updates on this guy?

4. [+19] He could’ve easily made 5.6 billion won over the course of his career if he had never caused this scandal.. and now his own dongsaeng’s career is ruined too.. what a tiring way to live life

5. [+16] Toilet oppa 🚽

6. [+9] Dirty, dirty, don’t ever show your face again

7. [+6] How the mighty has fallen

8. [+1] S.c.r.e.w. o.f.f.

9. [+1] ㅡㅡ What a disappointment. I know it’s wrong to compare but Yunho’s just such a better person ㅡㅡ how did Toochun end up like this ㅡㅡ

10. [+1] Ugh he pisses me off

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