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Article: Park Yoochun, who claimed to be retiring, will be releasing a photobook ‘Someday’… price to be in the 90,000 won range

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+837, -5] Hul ㅋㅋㅋ is there anyone who’s going to buy this?

2. [+673, -4] He must be switching paths into comedy now

3. [+644, -5] I think he has a different way of thinking than the average person

4. [+36, -1] I’ll buy it if there’s a picture of him embracing a toilet

5. [+33, -1] It’s the equivalent to Shincheonji’s Lee Man Hee releasing a DVD at this time

6. [+31, -1] The real problem is the pigs who will buy it

7. [+24, -1] Why would anyone pay money for this… Imagine if you spent that money on buying your parents a family photoshoot

8. [+16, -1] Wow, he must really think of his remaining fans as fools. It’s not even a concert ticket, he’s really selling a photobook for 90,000 won ㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+15, -1] Surely he means he’ll pay you 90,000 won if you buy it, right?

10. [+14, -1] I really don’t have anything to say.. this is amazing

11. [+9, -1] Is there any way to tell the foreigners that he’s a criminal? He may be treated like trash in Korea but there are still naive foreigners who go crazy for him… There needs to be a politician who gets involved to come up with a law to ban celebrities like him or something..

12. [+7, -0] Wow, he’s crazier than I imagined

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