People are divided over “A group that is said to have opened up the 4th generation”

In that year, they overcame the 3rd generation to be #1 among girl groups on Melon
They were #2 in terms of YouTube views in Korea (#1 among girl groups)

2. Aespa Next Level
That year, they were #2 on Melon annual chart after Brave Girls among girl groups
#6 in terms of YouTube views in Korea (#1 among girl groups)

They keep setting records on music charts and YouTube

1. I think the 4th generation started from ITZY

2. Personally I think it’s Aespa

3. Something has changed since Aespa

4. There have been discussions about the 4th generation since ITZY

5. When ITZY and TXT debuted, everyone said it was the beginning of the 4th generation

6. It’s true that ITZY is the 4th generation, but it feels like Aespa has opened the 4th generation…

7. Aespa.. Their concept is unusual and it’s fresh

8. Didn’t ITZY start the 4th generation?

9. In terms of popularity or impact, isn’t it Aespa?

10. If you look at the broadcasts or the articles, they say that ITZY is the 4th generation, I think they opened the 4th generation

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