People are fiercely arguing about whether TWICE failed or not

TWICE failed by this much?

Seriously, why is TWICE failing so much?

They failed so hard that they are the first Kpop girl group to perform a sold out Dome tour in Japan for 3 days in a row

They are the first girl group to perform sold out US stadium shows for 2 days in a row

[+404, -129]

1. [+169, -23] There’s nothing more evidential than their tourㅋㅋㅋ That’s why they renewed their contract

2. [+101, -95] The fans of those habitual lip-syncers are running in hurriedly to hate on themㅋㅋ

3. [+79, -90] They dominate in Japan and I thought they would get bigger in the US but TWICE is also #1 in the US

4. [+55, -13] TWICE is playing with the big people, do you really think that the Melon chart affects them? I’m really proud of Queen TWICE

5. [+47, -41] No matter what you think, the one top 3rd generation girl group is TWICE

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