People are shocked at Charlie Puth × BTS Jungkook’s “Left & Right” ranking on Billboard Hot 100

Charlie Puth × BTS Jungkook “Left & Right” chart in on Billboard Hot 100 for 11 weeks in a row!!


1. I really like the song

2. First of all, Jungkook’s voice is perfect

3. I really want to see them perform together on stage!! I listen to this song every day

4. Daebak~ Congratulations to Jungkook

5. Well, I want to see them perform live together

6. Wow crazy, they are charting for a long time.. The ranking is good too

7. The TikTok challenge is so popular that it maintains good ranking

8. I searched for it and it’s so popular in countries other than the US

9. I wish Jungkook had more collaborations like this so his voice could be revealed more before he made his solo debut

10. I heard it by chance during the holidays, I really like the song

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