People criticize after seeing how LE SSERAFIM’s outfit looks weird today

What’s up with LE SSERAFIM’s outfits today…?

Am I the only one who thinks their outfits look weird?

Don’t you think Eunchae’s clothes look too short?

1. They look pretty…. Am I the only one who thinks their outfits look sporty and pretty?

2. Why would they wear a mini skirt on a child?

3. Eunchae’s outfit isn’t that short.. It’s just that Yunjin’s hat doesn’t suit her

4. Their outfits are really bad

5. Why is Eunchae’s dress so short?

6. Well, Chaewon’s outfit looks a bit like Lee Hyori’s first solo debut outfit

7. What the hell is their coordi doing?

8. If you look at them one by one, they look pretty and sporty but..

9. They don’t seem to match each other because they dress so differently

10. Their outfits look weird

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What do you think?

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