People fiercely debate over the biggest hit song of 3rd generation girl groups

Which song is the biggest hit song of 3rd generation girl groups?

TWICE “Cheer Up”

Red Velvet “Red Flavor”


Momoland “Bboom Bboom”

GFriend “Rough”

I think it’s one of these five songs

[+47, -13]

1. [+263, -108] Just like the 3rd generation male idol’s biggest hit song is Growl which opened the 3rd generation, the 3rd generation female idol’s biggest hit song is Cheer Up

2. [+204, -170] DDU-DU DDU-DU was the most influential song

3. [+196, -103] Look at the ranking, and you’re telling me it’s Cheer Up?

4. [+142, -22] DDU-DU DDU-DU

5. [+137, -17] Honesty, the representative 3rd generation girl group is TWICE and their representative song is ‘Cheer Up’. The entire country was crazy about ‘Sha Sha Sha’

6. [+101, -16] The only song on this list that won Daesang and ranked #1 on the yearly chart was Cheer Up

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Why are female idols more loved by the public than male idols?

What do you think is the most successful song of the 3rd generation male idols?