People wonder why female idols do better than male idols in music

Why do female idols do better in music?

I don’t think it’s just that men don’t listen to male idol songs

1. I only like female idols’ songs

2. Male idols only focus on fandom, female idols care more about the public

3. I don’t listen to male idol songs unless I’m a fan

4. Only fans listen to male idol songs

5. There are so many good songs by male idols, it’s sad that people just ignore them

6. But the female idol’s songs are really good this year

7. But aren’t all the female idols who did well this year from big agencies or from Produce? It’s not like all female idols are doing well

8. Male fans care about pretty girls but don’t like handsome boys

9. It’s because the female idol’s songs are so good

10. The public just doesn’t care about male idols

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