Play M and Cre.ker Entertainment announce merger

 Article: Play M and Cre.ker Entertainment merge, The Boyz become labelmates with A Pink, Huh Gak, Victon, and Weekly

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+94] I want The Boyz to be an only child forever…

2. [+22] Is Play M actually going to do any work, though…

3. [+15] Play M… do some work…

4. [+12] Please, Play M… do some work…

5. [+10] Play M, this isn’t it..

6. [+5] How are they worse at their jobs than even Pledis…

7. [+5] When is Play M going to pick up the slack..

8. [+15] Why merge? Cre.ker’s been doing so great… all they had to do was take care of our only child, and they’ve been doing great so far, so why merge now?

9. [+5] Ugh man, don’t do this

10. My heart’s ripping at our only child The Boyz not being the only child anymore

11. Play M is not giving any of their artists a comeback and are instead doing stuff like this… Play M, please get to work.. 🙏🙏

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