Police conduct a search and seizure of Park Min Young’s agency

ArticlePolice conduct a search and seizure of Park Min-young’s agency Hook Entertainment… Why?

Source: Maeil Economy

Police have conducted a search and seizure of Park Min-young‘s agency.

On the 10th, the National Police Agency‘s Crime Investigation Unit raided Hook Entertainment‘s office building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The search and seizure which began at 12 pm lasted for five hours. It’s unusual for police to raid entertainment agencies. 

The specific reason why police raided Hook Entertainment is unknown. However, attention is being paid to the background of the search and seizure of three listed companies related to actress Park Min-young‘s ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun from Hook Entertainment. 

Along with rumors of a romantic relationship with Park Min-young, suspicions arose that Kang Jong-hyun was the hidden owner of Bithumb, Korea’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange following revelations by MBC’s ‘PD Note’ that aired on the 8th. 

The next day, Bithumb drew a line on the rumors stating, “allegations related to Kang have nothing to do with Bithumb Korea. He has never served as an employee or been involved in management.”

With regard to the rumors, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho revealed on the 10th, “In one word, it’s troubling. The fact that the Crime Investigation Unit of the National Police Agency even personally conducted the seizure is serious in itself. They don’t ever take on controversial issues in the first place. Since they’re being careful in launching the investigation in the first place, we can reasonably believe they have secured evidence or explanatory data over the allegations being raised.”

Lee Jin-ho also mentioned connections with Green Snake Media‘s chairman. He revealed, “Kang Jong-hyun and Chairman Won are very close. Hook is also a subsidiary of Green Snake Media. When Park Min-young became a free agent, he moved to Hook.” Hook has denied the connections.

Meanwhile, Hook has gone quiet and is not responding to contact from reporters.

Founded in 2002, Hook Entertainment is home to actors Yoon Yeo-jung, Lee Seo-jin, Lee Seung-gi, Park Min-young, and singer Lee Sun-hee.

  1. [+784, -13] The court issued a search warrant because there is evidence of their criminal activities. 
  2. [+348, -6] Wow.. her image keeps falling past rock bottom.. this is why you shouldn’t just date anyone because they have money.. 
  3. [+170, -6] So Secretary Kim was hanging out with yangachi’s [thugs]?
  4. [+159, -8] This scandal has seriously ruined Park Min-young’s good image. Being in a relationship can of course be something to be celebrated but if the other person is… 
  5. [+150, -5] Why is Secretary Kim like this?
  6. [+89, -8] Park Min-young is jjang! Her acting is seriously top notch to have received leading roles for this long.. she really pulled the wool over our eyes. Totally conned and defrauded viewers. She needs to f*ck off the entertainment industry forever! I never knew she was such a dirty vulgar actor. 
  7. [+59, -39] Well, seeing as Lee Seung-gi was also outed for dating a scammer’s daughter, we can only imagine his level ㅋㅋ
  8. [+45, -3] Park Min-young’s image is that of a bar girl now.. so cheap ㅋㅋ. She has no one to blame but herself. 
  9. [+44, -2] There are rumors Park Min-young’s ex-boyfriend Kang Jong-hyun was also involved with an international mafia group in the Seongnam area. SBS ‘I Want to Know’ did a broadcast and raised suspicions that he was involved in illegal sports betting crimes and murder.. 
  10. [+23, -3] It’s getting hard to distinguish between celebrities and pr*stitutes.. 

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