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Police, “April Lee Hyunjoo’s group bullying damage” cleared from charges over her post

Police have rejected DSP Media’s lawsuits against former April member Hyunjoo’s acquaintance for alleged slander.

This past April, Hyunjoo stated she was physically and verbally bullied by the girl group members for 3 years, which DSP Media denied. The admission came after Hyunjoo’s brother and a former classmate claimed she had been the victim of bullying. Hyunjoo then filed a lawsuit against an alleged former employee at the label who claimed she was lying about being bullied, and some netizens speculated the former employee was actually April member Naeun. DSP Media then moved to file lawsuits against those supporting Hyunjoo on the basis of defamation, the spread of false information, and slander.

On June 8, Hyunjoo’s legal reps announced her supporters have been cleared of such charges, and DSP Media’s lawsuits have been rejected. Her lawyers have also stated they’re continuing to investigate the case to reveal the truth behind Hyunjoo’s claims. cr

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1. Wow, they really sued… I’ll support Hyunjoo…

2. This group hasn’t disbanded yet? Don’t even think about doing this and promoting later

3. DSP is the dirtiest company

4. They sued..? DSP is trash… I support Hyunjoo and Hyunjoo’s classmates

5. They even sued..? Where did their conscience go?

6. They really sued? DSP is beyond my imaginationㅋㅋㅋ

7. DSP is disgusting

8. If you want to save Rachel and Chaekyung, please disband the group

9. DSP, April, and Lee Naeun are so dirty

10. Let’s boycott DSP

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