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Police reveal G-Dragon shaved his entire “body” and “leg” hairs prior to drug test to “destroy evidence” + “fingernail” samples sent for analysis

ArticleG-Dragon had his entire body hair removed when he appeared at the police station… Precise analysis of drugs by sampling fingernails

Source: SPOTV News

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35) was revealed to have shaved his entire body prior to drug summons.

According to the legal community on the 10th, police are suspicious that G-Dragon, who voluntarily appeared on the 6th for drug investigations, was attempting to destroy evidence. GD appeared at the Nonhyeon Police Station in Namdong-gu and appeared relaxed, once again denying the charges saying, “he has not committed any drug crimes.”

On this day, G-Dragon complied with the police’s urine collection and simple reagent test results that were released that day and were negative. The reagent test comes back positive if the drug was taken 5 to 10 days before but it’s difficult to evaluate if the drug was taken before that. 

At the time, police attempted to collect additional hair from G-Dragon from other body parts for a detailed analysis but GD had removed most of his body hair except for his head. GD told police, “I always shave my hair,” however police are suspicious he’s trying to destroy evidence. 

In the end, police collected urine and fingernails and sent them to the National Forensic Service on the 7th and are currently waiting for detailed analysis results. It’s known fingernails can be used to determine whether drugs were taken 5-6 months prior and to detect drugs such as philopon or ecstasy. 

Actor Park Yoochun who was previously arrested on suspicions of drug use in 2019 also appeared at the police station for questioning with most of his body hairs removed. He held a press conference prior to investigations and pleaded his innocence saying “he didn’t inject drugs.” However, he was eventually caught after drugs were detected in his leg hairs. 

Meanwhile, police are expanding investigations to secure other evidence regarding G-Dragon’s charges. After results of the detailed analysis are released, GD will be summoned again for questioning. 

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