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Police under fire for “excessive” investigations after Lee Sun-kyun’s sudden death + update on G-Dragon’s case

Article: Lee Sun-kyun dead, G-Dragon ‘not guilty’… Police under fire for “excessive” investigations

Source: Financial News

Police are under fire in Korea after Lee Sun-kyun‘s sudden death on the 27th. 

The actor (48) who had been investigated by police several times on suspicion of drug use was discovered dead in a parked car near Bukhansan mountain ending the two-month investigation. The drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency, which continued the investigation, handed over to trial room female salon manager A who was accused of taking drugs with Lee Sun-kyun.

However investigations into actor Lee Sun-kyun and singer G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35) drug charges that caused great uproar in Korea were unsuccessful. 

In response to criticisms that the investigations were “unreasonable,” police revealed their position in a phone call to FN stating, “we feel sorry that he passed away during the investigation but there was no coercive investigation at all. The investigation was conducted in accordance with due legal procedures. The lie detector test proposed by Lee Sun-kyun was under review.”

Both Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon drug cases are now closed without any physical evidence of guilt being secured. G-Dragon was ruled ‘not guilty’ and a ‘no charge’ forwarded to the prosecution. 

  1. [+1,275, -24] Unreasonable investigations??? It wasn’t the investigation that was problematic but the media?!
  2. [+628, -9] The issue wasn’t the investigation itself but rather all the stories that were leaked during the investigation and exposed through articles. Who leaked all that? They made their real names public before even conducting a drug test and after the test results came back with nothing they shifted focus to the madame or whatever.. then it was madame A this and that.. the whole thing was off, no wonder someone died. They aren’t going to take responsibility? A celebrity has a lot more to lose with a drug scandal so they should’ve controlled things better? What’s this now?
  3. [+576, -47] Their intention was to kill him off from the start. The investigations should’ve been kept quiet but every single thing was getting exposed to media? Especially because they didn’t have any evidence he was a criminal yet, same with G-Dragon. They summoned him for police investigations and everything got leaked to media.. this is what police really did wrong!
  4. [+446, -9] Whether GD or Lee Sun-kyun, it’s either they had clear proof of their guilt otherwise they should’ve kept the investigation private. They turned them into rags and dragged them through the mud with their investigations. The media even leaked his phone transcripts with madame A, what did they expect? This is a societal murder!
  5. [+350, -19] This is heartbreaking. It’s as if he was already confirmed a criminal from the start of the investigations even though no crime was confirmed. Details of the investigation were disseminated to media in real-time and many people who read the articles ridiculed and criticized those involved until a person died and another person’s life was destroyed. Now that his family is ruined, they have the audacity to claim they didn’t mean to do it? I seriously hate people. I feel sorry for Lee Sun-kyun, it really breaks my heart to think how difficult and lonely he must’ve felt. Since he was a lead actor in a work that deeply resonated and comforted me, I hoped he would endure and overcome it.. RIP.
  6. [+264, -1] Media are the largest cause..
  7. [+203, -5] Blood is on the hands of the police cartel who sold leaks to reporters for articles.
  8. [+108, -3] Police aren’t the issue, you trash reporters are the problem ~
  9. [+99, -2] Investigate the contents of that phone call! We need to find out who killed him, the reporter or police!
  10. [+33, -2] The mouth of a dirty bar madame took someone’s life! Expose everyone that played at her room salon!

Additional source(s): E Daily

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