Popular singer’s staff member testing for coronavirus ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: [Exclusive] ‘Has the music industry been affected?’ Popular singer A’s staff member under testing for coronavirus after overseas work trip

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+2,416, -51] I wonder how many celebrities are Shincheonji followers too??

2. [+1,798, -20] Shouldn’t they say who it is? So that people who’ve been in contact with them can at least quarantine themselves until the results are out?

3. [+1,586, -18] It’s going to be a headache if this spreads in the celebrity industry. I don’t think they’ll want to get tested or be put under surveillance.

4. [+141, -2] Chungha’s the only singer who’s had an international photoshoot and came back a few days ago…

5. [+138, -5] It’s Chungha

6. [+109, -5] With how many private events and “sponsors” that celebrities deal with, it’d be so easy for anyone infected to spread it. That industry’s an animal kingdom…

7. [+101, -2] I was wondering if there’d ever be a celebrity case

8. [+86, -2] At this point, anyone can be infected…

9. [+84, -2] Chungha and her staff went to Milan then Paris. I think they got tested just in case and that ended up getting out in the media ㅋㅋ Their results came back negative so I don’t think people should worry ㅋㅋ

10. [+78, -2] I have been concerned about how actors are handling this. It’s not like they can film kiss scenes with masks on, they’re basically putting their lives on the line now ㅜㅜ

11. [+64, -5] All of Korea’s been infected, why would the music industry be above that?

12. [+55, -2] I’d bet there are a ton of idiots in the cult among celebrities too

13. [+53, -0] I wouldn’t expect celebrities to be exempt from getting infected since they meet a ton of people and go overseas a lot for work. Actors, singers, gagmen, everyone needs to be careful…

14. [+47, -1] People are saying it’s Chungha

15. [+39, -1] Getting corona is not a crime so why are we not releasing names at this point? Regular people are getting their names, cities, and visited places all released. Shouldn’t other celebrities have a right to know too so that they can prepare too if they’ve been in contact with them recently?

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