Producer Tank exposes Leessang’s Gil for alleged abusive behavior ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Producer Hank exposes Leessang’s Gil for verbally abusing and swearing at the late Oh In Hye

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+486, -30] So he’s basically “gil” trash (gil = street)

2. [+432, -17] Well, the fact that he has three cases of drunk driving under his belt makes me inclined to believe this is true. I’ve never seen any guy willing to drink and drive end up being a decent person…

3. [+258, -11] I guess there was a reason Park Myung Soo couldn’t stand him on ‘Infinity Challenge’ and always asked him to leave

4. [+113, -4] I’m sure we need to hear Gil’s side of the story too but he’s absolute trash if even half of this ends up being true

5. [+106, -9] If what he did to Oh In Hye is true… he can’t be human

6. [+54, -0] There’s just never anything positive that’s said about him

7. [+47, -2] There’s a reason Yoo Jae Suk cut ties with him. Even Noh Hong Chul… can’t stand them on TV.

8. [+36, -2] What TV show can he even go on anymore? He tried to come back with a pity concept by using his child but viewer ratings were so bad that I thought he called it quits after that. He already has three drunk driving scandals. If you add assault and blackmail to that, he’s just trash… Just bury him once and for all so he can never return to TV. 

9. [+48, -22] Let’s try to stay neutral, guys. Koreans have a tendency to believe the weaker side even if they may be masking hidden intentions. Just stay neutral until the truth is revealed.

10. [+32, -6] I have a feeling Gil could’ve done all this and worse

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