Rain says there is no one in the music industry who can beat Lee Hyori ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: News 1 via Nate

1. [+1,911, -37] I don’t know that we’ll ever see someone with as much star power as Lee Hyori again. She’s always so cool.

2. [+1,650, -41] And it’ll stay that way in the future as well…

3. [+1,393, -38] She is unbeatable!

4. [+97, -11] Singing skills aside, she was just an icon of her generation. It wasn’t that she was super talented or beautiful or anything, she just had a face that every age group liked and so much star skill to back it up. If you look back at her older clips, she doesn’t look outdated at all. All the other people next to her do but never Lee Hyori…

5. [+88, -3] I really don’t think we’ll see other soloists beat Rain or Lee Hyori ㅠ

6. [+81, -5] She’s just a superstar. Her name itself is an icon and a brand.

7. [+65, -3] Same goes for Rain, no???

8. [+39, -7] Yes, there are singers who are better singers than her or prettier than her… but none that have a brand that can beat hers. She’s the top when it comes to star power.

9. [+35, -7] When they were showing older clips, she didn’t look outdated at all even though they’re over 10 years old. She has an aura and force that idols these days just don’t have. She’s the real deal. I really enjoyed watching her today ㅋㅋ

10. [+34, -11] People love glamorizing the past but Lee Hyori truly was an icon of her generation. Just not a good singer.

11. [+32, -2] She has so much charisma. I remember thinking that she felt like a close nuna on ‘Family Rising’ but then seeing her do a complete change up on stage as a solo singer gave her so much dimension.

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