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Article: ‘Show Me the Money 3’ second place rapper ‘Iron’ arrested for assaulting a minor student

Source: TV Chosun via Naver

Iron beat ‘A’, a minor who has been taking music lessons from him, with a baseball bat for 20 minutes because “A lied to him”. During police investigations, Iron admitted to the assault and claimed it was for discipline purposes.

1. [+1,441, -9] Didn’t he have another assault case aside from his drug scandal? Jeez

2. [+524, -9] This isn’t gangster hip hop, he’s just a straight up gangster;

3. [+358, -7] His student? What is there to learn from him?…;;; tsk tsk tsk

4. [+244, -28] Physiognomy is science

5. [+205, -2] He’s had previous scandals and at his young age, he’s just a ticking time bomb. They should punish him so that he can never come out on TV again.

6. [+91, -0] His true roots as a thug just can’t seem to be fixed. Does drugs, bullied classmates in school, got fined for assaulting his ex-girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he can’t be fixed, keep him in jail

7. [+71, -0] Should’ve known there was something fishy about him when he said he stole his friend’s mp3 player

8. [+51, -2] If he wants to assault people so bad, he should be waiting outside Cho Doo Soon’s prison on his release date

9. [+50, -18] I wish the kids in hip hop would just stay underground. I don’t care to see them.

10. [+30, -1] What is there to consider? He beat a kid with a baseball bat, just throw him in jail.

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,309] Stole his friend’s mp3 player.. choked his girlfriend, did drugs, assaulted someone with a baseball bat;; I feel like the next piece of news will be that he murdered someone while drunk driving…

2. [+608] Wow~ this time he assaulted his roommate? What a mess of a being.

3. [+316] He’s already hit a triple crown with his crimes;

4. [+279] Perhaps he should change his name to Iron Bat…

5. [+55] He doesn’t deserve a good life

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