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Ravi’s new song is controversial for mentioning Red Velvet

The VIXX member released his 4th EP ‘Roses’ on June 3rd. The EP is an album filled with songs and lyrics about love. A total of seven tracks were included in the singer’s latest EP with Ravi participating in the production of all the tracks of the album.

As soon as the EP was released, the song “Red Velvet” has been gaining much attention in particular. There have been discussions in various online communities over whether the song has any relations with the girl group of the same name.

This is because the song lyrics include phrases and words that bring the girl group Red Velvet to mind. In parts of the song, “Dumb Dumb” and “Russian Roulette,” which are the titles of the songs released by the girl group in the past are included. The lyrics also include the words, “Sooyoung,” Joy’s real name, and “Yeri,” the members of Red Velvet.

Earlier Ravi explained during an interview with Sports Today, that the song “Red Velvet” is not about the girl group but it is a cake he was referring to. He said, “The song ‘Red Velvet’ is about the cake red velvet. I wanted to express the sweet warmth using the topic of the red velvet cake.” He further elaborated, “I wanted to put some fun aspects into the song so I put in the lyrics ‘Dumb Dumb’ (Red Velvet’s song). I just thought to make it fun since the word ‘Red Velvet’ directly relates to the girl group anyway.”

During the interview, Ravi was also asked if he was close with Red Velvet, to which he responded, “No, I don’t know them personally.” cr

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1. I hate it, what is he doing???? Disgusting

2. Is he crazy? He’s so weird

3. Does he think this has nothing to do with Red Velvet? He’s disgusting

4. Isn’t he s*xually harassing Red Velvet? He’s trash

5. Is it noisy marketing?.. Why did he release this song?

6. Isn’t Ravi dating Taeyeon?

7. I don’t care if he’s dating Taeyeon or not, why Red Velvet?

8. Red Velvet fans must be so angry;;;;;

9. He’s not close to Red Velvet, so why did he use them in the lyrics?…

10. Disgusting

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