Red Velvet is on their hiatus for over 500 days, netizens are afraid Red Velvet will be neglected like f(x) was – Knetizen

A group that is on their hiatus at the enlistment level

Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s last album, ‘The ReVe Festival Finale,’ was released on December 23, 2019.

May 7, 2021, marks the 502nd day of their hiatus as fans are eager for a comeback (For reference, the number of days for military service is 548 days).

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1. Just kick the controversial member out

2. I hope they release an album in the summer. I want to see their stage because I like Joy’s voice

3. I feel like SM is turning all their attention to Aespa and I’m afraid Red Velvet will be neglected like f(x) was

4. I think they would have made a comeback if Irene had left the group…

5. Is it because of Irene?

6. So please make a comeback without Irene

7. I hope they can debut as a unit or solo. I like Wendy’s solo… I want to see Joy’s solo

8. Isn’t f(x) on a longer hiatus than Red Velvet?

9. They must wait for Aespa’s comeback

10. I hope they will make a comeback soon. I’m looking forward to Red Velvet’s new songs!

11. This is the same pattern as what happened to f(x)

What do you think?

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