Report reveals BTS Jungkook’s alleged “backdoor ad” scandal was fabricated by antis

Article: BTS Jungkook under controversy for “backdoor ads” because he wore his older brother’s clothing brand? A look at the FTC guidelines

Source: Money Today

The article shares a counter argument to claims that Jungkook illegally participated in “back door ads” and states that the scandal is actually a “forced controversy.” 

This is because Jungkook wore Six Guys, Inc. ‘Graffiti Mind‘ clothing once and never mentioned or recommended the product for purchase or directly promoted the brand or clothing. 

As evidence, the article takes a look at FTC guidelines over advertising and states Jungkook’s actions are far from “back door” ads because according to the FTC, an activity is considered advertising if:

  • the ad is conducted through a third party other than the advertiser.
  • product recommendations are based on experience or direct recommendation for purchase or use
  • economic consideration (money or profit sharing) is exchanged with advertisers 

One netizen also points out, “if you take off your clothes, does than mean you’re doing a nude CF?”

  1. [+445, -30] Seriously how is that a backdoor adㅋㅋ? A backdoor ad is when you wear sponsored clothing and act like you bought it yourself. It’s not like it was an ad and he was acting like it’s not ㅋㅋ. He never once asked fans to buy it either ㅋㅋ, this is crazy
  2. [+283, -9] Of the many clothes Jungkook has worn, he only wore this brand twice and never once showed or mentioned it. If this is an ad, then is he not allowed to wear clothes? 
  3. [+153, -3] The antis that fabricated this scandal know very well this isn’t a “back door ad.” They know the general public doesn’t care about finding the truth so they purposefully built up this scandal to taint his image. I don’t get why reporters are helping his antis spread this fake scandal…so frustrating.
  4. [+ 142, -12] This is funny to me. I mean so what he wore his older brother’s brand and promotes it? How is that a controversy? 
  5. [+91, -2] I guess celebrities aren’t allowed to wear whatever they want anymore…really
  6. [+79, -1] Thank you for this great article. Jungkook never once mentioned the brand in the broadcast. Fans investigated it on their own, found it and bought it themselves. Jungkook has sold out luxury brands like Louis Vuitton that are more expensive than this so its ridiculous this is even a scandalㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  7. [+79, -1] This whole thing started from a DC Gallery where Jungkook antis strategically fabricated rumors from a month ago. Jungkook has always enjoyed wearing non-luxury street fashion brands, it’s not just or twice that brands have sold out because of him. And it’s not just clothes but Kombucha too, he never once showed the brand he just drank it and the brand ended up receiving a ‘Brand of the Year’ daesang because of it. A fabric softener he used also sold out too. Antis knew he was the in-house director for his brother’s company so they nitpicked his brand clothing and claimed he was doing “backdoor ads.” They’ve been mass e-mailing reporters about it tooㅋㅋㅋ. 

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