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Article: ‘Ulsan Girls High School’ Han Sohee, pictures of her teens in a high school uniform earn attention

Source: Sports World via Nate

1. [+4,957, -129] There’s no way anyone would stay quiet with looks like that in high school..

2. [+4,383, -232] She’s pretty but in a really mean looking way

3. [+3,631, -114] She must’ve been really popular in school

4. [+397, -14] She has the type of style and vibe that fellow women would look up to. She kind of has that chic, a bit tough, but rebellious style.

5. [+371, -15] She’s really pretty. She does kind of look like a rebel but she is very pretty.

6. [+370, -29] I knew her past photos would look the same as now. She has the kind of face that plastic surgery can’t make.

7. [+330, -51] The kind of beauty that would make even jealous women cave ㅋㅋ I noticed that women who are pretty in a kind looking way suffer from the jealousies of other women while women who look pretty in a chic and rebellious way make other jealous women bow to them

8. [+320, -13] A face she should be grateful to her parents for

9. [+278, -21] Her face reminds me of Bella from ‘Twilight’

10. [+233, -16] She looks like those super outgoing kids that iljins never messed up

11. [+220, -63] She is super pretty but judging by her full face of make up while still in a school uniform makes me think she was a rebel back in the day

12. [+157, -22] Her type of prettiness is the type that fellow women look up to… that cold beauty type of look

13. [+140, -25] Wow, I thought she was plastic but she’s totally natural. She’s a rare beauty.

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