Rookie girl group ‘Solia’ disbanded just 5 days into debut due to company’s financial struggles

Article: Agency disbands girl group ‘5 days’ into debut because of financial struggles

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,031] Five days?? That’s basically a scam, isn’t it??

2. [+395] I remember I joined a company and within two days, they went bankrupt..

3. [+418] What’s going on? 😧😧

4. [+187] The agency should’ve never debuted them in the first place and helped them find a different agency to transfer to. Obviously the company was struggling financially before the debut and all that.

5. [+348] In five days, that’s crazy;;;; the poor members. 

6. [+66] Damn, that sucks…..

7. [+37] Even five weeks or five months would still be horrifying but in just five days…?

8. [+20] Or is this a new marketing ploy?

9. [+22] I saw their music video and their choreography looked on the level of some street dance team…

10. [+12] Aigoo……

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