Rumors of Swings and Im Bora’s break up emerge ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

1. [+1,872, -15] When an agency says it’s difficult to check, it’s usually a break up

2. [+1,760, -60] Im Bora needs to hold on to him to spare other women from the danger

3. [+1,295, -101] Guess she milked him for all she could

4. [+168, -5] I have a feeling she’s going to date someone handsome after this…

5. [+166, -5] It’s a win win for both, no? When would Swings ever get to date a woman like her? And Im Bora earned some fame off of dating Swings ㅎㅎ

6. [+127, -8] They dated for longer than everyone thought…

7. [+106, -14] She couldn’t take it any longer

8. [+103, -3] They broke up and she got the cafe that they both opened together

9. [+102, -2] He had mental issues severe enough to get discharged from the army for, how could she have handled him?

10. [+95, -3] Im Bora even launched her own cosmetics brand. I think she achieved all that she set out to do. Even opened a cafe.

11. [+75, -13] A lot of you are assuming she milked him… but why would anyone date someone for three years just to milk them?

12. [+73, -3] She lasted pretty long for a business relationship. She suffered a lot.

13. [+72, -2] They did break up, and Swings gave Im Bora their huge cafe in Hongdae that he probably spent hundreds of thousands on. He even launched her own cosmetics brand…

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