‘Running Man’ takes down message board due to hate brigade on Jun So Min ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

1. [+4,904, -85] What did Jun So Min do wrong to deserve this.. you haters are losers

2. [+3,386, -70] How much hate did they leave;;

3. [+876, -8] The majority of the hate comments sound like they were written by foreigners using a translating machine…

4. [+209, -7] They’re all written by foreigners, accusing her of stealing Song Ji Hyo’s screentime or whatever. Such diehard fans are hopeless…

5. [+148, -11] ‘Running Man’ would’ve been taken off air by now if Jun So Min didn’t save it

6. [+129, -5] Judging by the hate comment in the screencap, it sounds like a foreigner using a translation machine ㅋㅋ

7. [+88, -4] What did she do so wrong? Why are they being like this to her?

8. [+67, -11] Jun So Min has made the show more fun, what’s with the hate? Do you not have anything better to do?

9. [+63, -20] Jun So Min is way better on the show than Song Ji Hyo

10. [+34, -3] This is one of my favorite shows. Viewers should stop and think how much Jun So Min did for the show when it was hitting a slump and not doing so well. The current member line-up is great so please don’t bother watching if you don’t like it and don’t leave hate comments either!

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