Samsung reveals double folding smartphone flex display ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Samsung’s ‘double phone’ can be folded twice

Source: Financial News via Nate

1. [+2,374, -96] Samsung has the best technology in the world, fighting

2. [+2,110, -78] This would make the tablet obsolete. It’s a pretty design… the only problems are the thickness and the wrinkle for the folds, but I’m sure Samsung can speak with a few aliens and fix all that, right?

3. [+1,781, -59] It’ll be difficult to make this the new standard but you have to admit it’s innovative

4. [+84, -4] So much respect for their continued innotvation

5. [+82, -7] Apple is about the aesthetic, Samsung is about the technology. I’d rather buy Samsung.

6. [+68, -2] They’ll create folding screen furniture at this rate

7. [+57, -0] Samsung seems to be the last company in the smartphone market to continue to make innovations

8. [+49, -1] By 2025, it can be used to roll kimbaps

9. [+42, -3] Wow, if this isn’t innovation, then what is? Hey, all you Apple fans, have you ever seen iPhones fold up? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+24, -6] I tried it and it was uncomfortable. I went back to using a normal phone. 

11. [+20, -1] Oh… but it looks super heavy

12. [+18, -3] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ How can you make calls when it looks so heavy

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