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Article: Sayuri to reveal son Zen on ‘Superman Returns’ as a mother

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

1. [+156] She is such an amazing mother ❤️

2. [+83] She gave birth to a little doll. What a cute baby 😍 Wishing both Sayuri and the baby health and happiness ❤️

3. [+54] ‘Superwoman Returns’

4. [+46] I’m a Sayuri-ssi fan.. and I truly wish her hapiness for this brave and difficult decision. I am worried, though… for Zen and Sayuri. The world is still a difficult place to break bias in.. I wish them happiness but I’m also that much worried for them, too…

5. [+32] Amazing of her

6. [+18] I hope she gets lots and lots of episodes, fighting 👏👏👏😍❤️

7. [+12] She’s a woman taking the lead 👏

8. [+5] 👏👏👏

9. [+2] Hul… this is a must watch 🔥🔥

10. [+2] Zen is too cute..

11. [+3] The baby totally looks like Ben

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