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Article: Gugudan Sejung, ‘controversy’ erupts over post of vacation picture to Japan

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

Sejung posted a throwback picture to her last vacation in Japan, to which netizens argued in her comments questioning why she would bother posting something late at a time like this, especially involving a politically charged country like Japan. Others defended her saying there was nothing morally wrong with her post and that none of it’s illegal.

1. [+5,023, -558] Especially at a time like this, it would’ve been better for her not to post it at all

2. [+4,027, -414] That’s rich coming from kids who are playing Animal Crossing ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+3,107, -585] She deserves the hate if she visited after the export regulations went into place

4. [+243, -46] One thing’s for sure, she doesn’t think before she does. She knew the picture would cause controversy but she still posted it ㅎ empty brain

5. [+226, -28] It’s unfortunate… Celebrities know that their career is reliant on interest and attention… so why post a picture like that at a time like this?? She knew it would serve as nothing but bait for haters and the media.

6. [+209, -38] She’s disgustingly thoughtless

7. [+170, -31] I’m surprised by this.. and a bit disappointed

8. [+165, -24] If she had just posted it without an explanation, there wouldn’t have been a problem… Haters are an issue but so are the celebrities who are thoughtless and invite hate into their lives like this.

9. [+150, -26] I know she wanted to post it but considering that the picture takes place in Japan and that the times are what they are, it would’ve been better for her to not post it instead of cause misunderstandings.

10. [+139, -19] Unnecessary to post at a time like this…

11. [+134, -15] ㅋㅋ Celebrities truly are clueless. Do they really not know that posting somethign like that would cause hate?

12. [+98, -23] Even if the picture’s from before, there’s no point in posting it now during a time like this..

13. [+81, -18] Why even bother posting an old picture… will you die if you don’t post something to Instagram all the time?

14. [+50, -10] She would not be getting hate if she did not upload it… what a shame

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