Seo In Guk confesses that he thinks his face looks strange, borderline ugly ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Seo In Guk, “My face looks strange… sometimes it looks ugly to me too”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+328] Want me to show you a truly strange looking face, hyung?

2. [+195] All he has to do is walk down a street for one minute to realize how handsome he truly is

3. [+56] He’s actually really damn handsome

4. [+34] Oppa, what’re you talking about… you have the best face in the world. What nonsense is this!!!

5. [+53] Do you want to get in trouble?

6. [+13] You’re crossing a line here

7. [+8] ???

8. [+2] He has a bit of a fox face

9. [+1] *tags friend* Hey, hurry and show him your face

10. [+1] This makes me angry


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