Seo Min-jae returns to SNS and further exposes Nam Tae-hyun’s “meth syringes” + Yongsan police open investigations

Article“Nam Tae-hyun’s Philopon…” Seo Min-jae’s exposure→ drug addict? → Police investigation

Source: iMBC 

Police have opened investigations into Nam Tae-hyun‘s alleged drug use.

On the 21st, the public’s attention was drawn to Nam Tae-hyun after Seo Min-jae exposed the former idol for “drug use” and “assault.” Seo Min-jae shared a photo with Nam Tae-hyun and exposed him writing, “Nam Tae-hyun and me, druggies”.. “the syringe he used is in the office cabinet.., “he hit me”, “oh there’s a recording on my phone…” then later posted “I love him.” 

When netizens asked for further clarifications she wrote, “I have four of Nam Tae-hyun’s syringes.”

At the time, she kept writing posts and deleting them raising attention. In response, Nam Tae-hyun’s agency stated “we’re checking the facts” however since Seo Min-jae’s posts were up for a long time, netizen’s speculations abounded. Some even claimed she wrote the posts “while high on drugs.”

In the end, Yongsan Police opened investigations (introspections) prior to arrest to confirm authenticity of Seo Min-jae’s posts after netizens reported the revelations to police. 

Afterwards, Seo Min-jae wrote on SNS, “Yesterday, my lover and I had a quarrel over each other’s faults. At the time, I was in a state of loss of reason that I don’t even remember what I said exactly because I took more psychiatric medication than usual due to the stress. Because of that, I uploaded things that were far from facts because I was hurt. I belatedly wrote this because I was undergoing treatment at the hospital.”

Nam Tae-hyun also clarified the scandal with his own IG post writing, “I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to those who may have been surprised by yesterday’s situation. There was a quarrel between lovers but we’ve reconciled well. Sorry for causing concern to so many people with a personal matter.”

However, he didn’t comment on the drug allegations or the ongoing police investigation. 

  1. [+470, -6] Yea, they’re done. Goodbye.
  2. [+357, -3] Conduct drug tests on Seo Min-jae and Nam Tae-hyun first before all the evidence is destroyed!! Just looking at Seo Min-jae’s posts alone, would any sane person write that? So just because of a lover’s quarrel she’s writing posts about him injecting meth and assaulting her? So she got hit and lost all her mentals? 
  3. [+244, -4] Well, looks like the two got into a big fight and she got pissed and wanted to die together. But she probably lost the nerve and came to her senses but they sorted things out now? Anyway, just do a drug test and the truth will spill itself out. 
  4. [+137, -1] Hey! Stop using depression as an excuse. There are many people living a healthy life with a conscience and eat just fine. It’s your attitude that’s the problem. Stop placing blame on psychiatric medication! 
  5. [+132, -0] Daebak…who knew Seo Min-jae would turn out like this어??????
  6. [+74, -0] Investigate both of them. No sane person would write the things she wrote on SNS if they weren’t high on drugs. The only reason she got caught is because she posted it publicly. No ordinary person puts up drugs just because they’re angry with their lover. Seo Min-jae herself looks sickly with dead eyes these days. It’s rare to find lovers who don’t do drugs together so make sure you investigate them both!
  7. [+69, -1] She was such a pretty person when she was first revealed as a mechanic. But then she met a celebrity and got sucked into drugs and became a drooling, watered down, washed away influencer. Aigoo, she threw away her own lifeㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Anyway, it’s too late now.. make sure you arrest her too!
  8. [+31, -0] Test them both for drugs!
  9. [+29, -0] Aigoo.. Hyundai must be so disappointed. To think they hired an idiot like her as an employee.. 
  10. [+3, -0] Nam Tae-hyun is such a weirdo……;;;;;;;;

Additional source(s): E Daily, STAR News, Joongang Ilbo

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