Seo Yeji’s CF contracts get dropped, Kim Jung Hyun issues apology for ‘Time’ scandal ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Advertising industry ‘cuts ties’ with Seo Yeji over scandals

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+1,431, -49] Sigh, you plastic monster ajumma. Should’ve been kinder to people.

2. [+1,088, -10] She really was a psycho after all

3. [+823, -13] She’s going to stress smoke even harder now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ you should think about quitting, Yeji-ya… ㅎ

4. [+555, -3] I’d rather root for someone with good character than her

5. [+265, -15] She can go BJ on Afreeca later if she needs to ㅋㅋ

6. [+105, -9] Where are all the articles criticizing Kim Jung Hyun? Seo Yeji is obviously a bad person but I think Kim Jung Hyun’s offense is worse in this case. Seo Yeji may have manipulated her boyfriend but… Kim Jung Hyun tanked an entire drama’s film production because of her. 

7. [+95, -1] I’m surprised that the industry is only cutting her off now. A character of her kind should’ve been infamous in the industry already. I guess image is all that matters in there…

8. [+81, -1] I’ve noticed that people who are b*tches as youths are usually b*tches as adults too…

Source: Naver

1. [+777, -9] Should’ve worked on fixing her character as much as her face

2. [+336, -4] She should get a psychological evaluation as well. There’s something seriously wrong with her.

3. [+233, -6] Well, I guess that’s over for her in the industry. Only the truly humble can ever survive! What can she do when all of this is her fault anyway.

4. [+184, -5] I support the industry cutting her off!! I never want to see her again..

5. [+52, -0] Why did she even claim she went to college in Spain when she never did? How can she lie so freely every time she opens her mouth? 

Article: Kim Jung Hyun “Leaving ‘Time’ was all my fault…”

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+694] Seohyun’s truly a saint. She did well until the very end.

2. [+541] You should’ve apologized for this back when it happened

3. [+298] Does he think a drama production is some kind of joke? Sure, all he has to do is memorize a few lines and come film it, but there are hundreds of staff, stylists, lighting directors, audio engineers, writers who have to work hard to make it all happen…

4. [+240] Don’t bother coming to work if you can’t keep your private life and your work life separate

5. [+111] Sounds like Seo Yeji made him put out this apology too… this is why gaslighting is so scary

6. [+52] Why does he even want to be an actor if he’s going to be like this?

7. [+42] Don’t make excuses… it just makes you look worse

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