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Seolhyun updated her Instagram after 6 months (feat. Taeyeon)

“Hello, I’m Kim Seolhyun who played Gong Hyewon in the drama ‘Awaken’. We started shooting last spring, and the last broadcast ended yesterday.

‘Awaken’ was meaningful to me in a number of ways.
I wonder how I would have spent this time without this work.
I’m glad I got to play the role of Gong Hyewon, who is very brave.
This drama and Hyewon gave me a long of strength and became my driving force to live.

For those of you who work together every morning heading to the set. I made up my mind to do my best every morning for those who work hard together. I worked really hard.
The reason why I was able to finish filming safely is because of the seniors, colleagues, writers, directors, and all the staff who always took care of me.
I could feel and learn a lot of things, and mostly, it was a warm place to be.
I’d like to say thank you once again through this post.

It was around this time last year that I first met this project.
We’ve been together for a year.

I want to tell Hyewon that she worked hard.
When everyone suspected Do Jung Woo was the culprit, only Hyewon believed in Do Jung Woo, and it took a long time until it was proven to be true.
Maybe someone doesn’t understand Hyewon’s behavior.
I wanted to show how I was proud of Hyewon’s trust.
And I will support Hyewon until the end.

To all those who loved the drama ‘Awaken’ and Gong Hye Won, thank you very much. Happy New Year though it’s late.
Stay healthy this year!” cr

Taeyeon who liked and commented on Seolhyun’s post

“Good to see you💜”

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1. Did she apologize properly? I don’t think I heard that

2. I don’t think Seolhyun did anything wrong… No one knows if she’s a real bystander or how much effort she put into. She did all of her obligations under a 7 year contractual relationship, but it’s a pity that she has been criticized for her relationship

3. I was horrified when I saw bullying cases, but it’s crazy to see the perpetrators and bystanders still living well. I want them to be as hard and unhappy as the victims. If we understood these people, who would understand the victims??

4. Hmmm… But it seems Taeyeon just commented because someone she knows posted it after a long time. I don’t think she has any other thoughts

5. Personally I support Seolhyun

6. This is why bullies always live well

7. Oh I’m disappointed with the two of them

8. Hul… She just needed to send a message to Seolhyun. Why did she leave a comment even though she knew it would be controversial?

9. Oh, I’m so disappointed..

10. Why did she comment without thinking like this?

What do you think?

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