Seungri denies inciting violence at bar with mobsters despite CCTV release ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: Even with CCTV release, Seungri denies ordering violence at bar

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+254] He is just so evil..

2. [+228] Change his name from Seungri to Kyeokri (isolation)

3. [+232] He needs to change his name to Paebae (defeat)

4. [+118] How is he ever going to Seungri (victory) at this rate

5. [+84] This is it… it’s just over for him

6. [+8] He retired his career with his own mouth ^^ so he’s just Lee Seung Hyun (former Big Bang member)~ there is no Seungri~

7. [+8] Seungri only gets to live so comfortably because someone’s helping him out

8. [+24] So who’s the actress then?

9. [+19] Did Seungri always look this old?

10. [+44] Who has his back that he gets to just deny things like this?

11. [+9] Amazing ㅡㅡ

12. [+7] So he’s really not going to jail?

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