Sex criminal Go Young Wook writes and deletes post about yearning to return to the world ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: ‘Sexual harassment of a minor’ Go Young Wook is back on Instagram “I want to communicate with the world”

Source: Everyday News via Naver

1. [+1,979, -54] “I’ve lived an isolated life for the past 9 years… and have come to think that I can’t live like this for as long as I’m alive… so I want to carefully start communicating with the world again.” No, you can continue living like that. You want to communicate with the world? What do you think the victim of your crime would think if she read that?

2. [+1,590, -34] ㅋㅋ This is the equivalent of Jo Doo Soon opening an Instagram account

3. [+743, -11] I get that there are celebrities who are still on TV after committing crimes but not you;;; you must be crazy to think this is okay

4. [+387, -10] “I know I’m still lacking as a person… but I’ll always work hard to grow and become a better person.” You have an ankle monitor on, you are not just “lacking”, you are not a human being. Why are you only choosing to work on being a better person after you’ve already sexually harassed a minor, got an ankle monitor on, and have lost all your fame, wealth, and popularity? I’d rather your victim not have to watch you work to be a better person so please do that on your own time.

5. [+328, -10] And where do you think you’re crawling back out to;; What you committed wasn’t a mistake but a crime;;

6. [+154, -3] When you chose to do what you did to that minor, you should’ve done it knowing that you were giving up your life as it is. How dare you come back on Instagram? How can your skin be so thick?

7. [+136, -1] Nope, you go right on back. I’m a mother of three daughters, don’t you dare show your face again.

8. [+58, -1] This is ridiculous. It’s not like he committed something like gambling, he committed sexual harassment, a crime that will forever live as trauma in his victim. Has he considered his victim at all before making this post? No matter how poor he gets, please just live life quietly.

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