‘Shin Ramyeon’ enjoys a dramatic increase in US sales ~ Netizen Buzz

Source: Hankyung via Naver

1. [+359, -24] Please just call it ramyeon, I’m really tired of seeing K- in front of everything ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+84, -15] The older version of Shin Ramyeon tasted better, I don’t really like the new formula

3. [+92, -25] I’m so tired of the KKKKKK everywhere, why not claim the KKK as Korean too? It’s actually so cringe and embarrassing. You don’t see France or Germany putting F- or G- in front of their products. Have you ever heard of G-Beer?? It’s super weird. Please just have some pride in the original product without the need to stick K- to it to make it seem more special. 

4. [+50, -4] Wishing Korean companies all the best anywhere in the world

5. [+18, -1] China’s been making Shin Ramyeon knock-offs, are we not able to do anything about that?

6. [+5, -2] I miss the deeper taste of the Shin Ramyeon from my youth…

7. [+4, -1] We’re also #1 in K-SexualHarassment

8. [+2, -1] Nongshim is leading the K-Food movement with the Americans, and I think Shin Ramyeon is seeing an increase in sales because of the coronavirus and people looking for non-perishable food items. I hope our Korean companies can continue to receive favorable remarks. Fighting to all.

9. [+1, -0] Nongshim ramyeon has a strong flavor with an amazing soup. I’m glad it’s to the taste of Asians and Americans alike. I hope Shin Ramyeon and our other Korean food products are able to enjoy further development around the world…

10. [+1, -0] K-Ramyeon ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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