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SHINee’s Minho explains to a child who doesn’t know Jonghyun

On March 3rd, SHINee members appeared in an ODG STUDIO video to sit down and review their K-Pop careers with children.

After watching the old performances with five members, the young girl quickly realized that the performances after 2017 only included only four members. She stated, “Oh, there’s one person missing?” Minho sadly replied, “Yes, one person is missing.” The girl asked in response, “Who? Why? Left the group?”

Minho then calmly and carefully introduced Jonghyun by saying, “He’s uncle Jonghyun…um..he’s not well.. so…” The girl said, “oh, then he’s not a bad uncle,” to which Minho replied, “yes, he’s not a bad uncle, he’s a good uncle.” Then continued to explain about the first song SHINee released as a four-member group. cr

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1. I always miss Jonghyun ㅜㅜ

2. I cried a lot while watching this video ㅠ He’s a good person

3. Jonghyun is a very nice person, so I miss him more

4. That’s right, Jonghyun is a good person

5. I miss you Jonghyun…

6. That’s right, Minho is so good at explaining

7. There are always 5 people in my heart, SHINee fighting!!

8. But more and more kids will not know SHINee has 5 members..

9. We always support SHINee!

10. Our Jonghyun is a good person ㅎㅎ

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