Simon D shows off his luxury watch collection after moving up from Rolexes ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: “Leveled up from the Rolex” Simon D shows off three luxury watches… 700 million won in worth

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+1,501, -60] The truly wealthy do not show off their wealth while the new rich are obsessed with showing it off

2. [+774, -84] Did you pay your customs taxes?

3. [+84, -5] Tired of celebrities being given so much money for such little talent. They go around taking international vacations wearing luxury goods, cosplaying as artists, acting like they’re worth something, when we all know the industry is dirty and rotten. We really need to change the income imbalance.

4. [+64, -5] Meanwhile Samsung’s Lee Jae Yong can make even the simplest of items like his lip balm and his parka into luxury goods…

5. [+61, -5] Isn’t this how Dok2 ruined himself? I can’t with these hip hop tryhards…

6. [+55, -3] Tired of these clowns showing off their money

7. [+34, -4] I recognize that he worked hard to build his wealth to this point but it’s annoying that he’s showing it off like this

8. [+31, -0] Meanwhile Warren Buffett has been wearing his Rolex for 30 years

9. [+29, -3] Did you not learn anything from Dok2??

10. [+24, -1] Do you think Bill Gates wears a $10 watch because he’s poor? Stop with the money bragging.

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