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Article: f(x) Victoria, parts ways with SM and is ‘totally’ in China now

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+726] Pisses me off that she got to make all that money in Korea

2. [+453] And when any of them try to come back, please don’t accept them again. Please remember what the Chinese celebrities are always doing to us.

3. [+327] Just think of her as another foreign laborer who was on our TV for a while before making her money and going back home 👏👏👏

4. [+190] Did she go back home to eat malatang

5. [+138] And don’t come back

6. [+124] Yup~ piss off far away ^-^

7. [+86] The reason SM keeps training Chinese idols is because most of the album and goods purchases are by the Chinese fandoms…;; They give a ton of support for their idol groups so how could you expect SM to just ignore such a huge cash cow ㅋㅋ Don’t leave comments as if Victoria’s the only one who financially benefitted from this deal…

8. [+61] Who cares…

9. [+46] Please be a nicer person 😂

10. [+34] Farewell, hope to never see you again

11. [+33] I don’t know she was still living in Korea all this time

12. [+23] One of the f(x) members I could never warm up about

13. [+21] Please stop taking foreign kids and debuting them here ㅠㅠ you know that we have our own trainees who are sweating blood and tears for this job…

14. [+17] I guess she’d be considered a patriot in China since she sucked all of our money out and took it back home

15. [+87] Please… please stop picking Chinese idols… SM has had so many problems with Chinese idols but they’re still picking them..

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+754] I wonder if any f(x) member would even want to stay with SM ㅋㅋㅋ SM seems to be the only person who doesn’t understand how popular f(x) is

2. [+274] Farewell, I won’t see you out far

3. [+206] Farewell, and don’t come back again~~

4. [+173] So SM has no f(x) member left under them anymore… it’s true, only SM doesn’t know how popular f(x) is

5. [+168] Taiwan #1

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