SM launches auditions for their new boy group ~ Netizen Buzz

Article: SM opens audition for new boy group

Source: Dispatch via Instagram

1. [+84] Take care of the kids you already have, SM ㅡ0ㅡ

2. [+67] If you’re going to make a new group, please stop expanding NCT… 23 members are enough

3. [+33] Born in 08? That makes them first year junior high schoolers this year…?

4. [+25] SM, please pay attention to the artists you already have..

5. [+22] Take care of the ones you have… #1 take care of NCT’s health #2 take care of NCT’s sasaengs #3 Dream official album

6. [+19] Why not work on NCT..

7. [+6] Wait, another boy group…?? What ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Pay attention to the ones you already have… come on, Soo Man-ah…… 🤬

8. Not SM at it again. I guess I’ll take this to mean they’re done with expanding NCT then. 

9. We’re going to start getting idols young enough to be our sons now

10. As long as they don’t end up in NCT. I’ll be so upset if Park Jisung ever ends up anyone’s hyung.

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